HSE First Aid at Work (2 day)


2 day FAW Re-qualification Course Delivered as a group booking only throughout Suffolk as part of a range of First Aid Courses including One day Appointed Person, Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), 3 Day First Aid at Work (FAW), 12 Hour Paediatric First Aid, Basic CPR, AED Training.

In order to remain current, a first aider must attend a first aid at work re-qualification course before the 3 year certification period has lapsed.

This can take place three months prior to certificate expiry date.

Candidates may also take the course up to 1 Calendar month after the expiry date, but during that period they must not carry out duties of a first aider.

The new certificate will start from the expiry date of the old one in both cases.

The re-qualification course will ensure that you are still competent in conducting first aid at work and are aware of any changes of practices or procedures.

Scene assessment

Barrier use

Primary / Secondary assessment


Bleeding management

Shock management

Spinal injury

Choking management

Injury and illness assessment

Bandaging and fracture care

First aid kit and accident reporting

H&S legislation in relation to first aid


Please contact us for a First Aid Refresher Course on 0845 0573762

For further information on our 2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification courses or to book a place, please contact us on 0845 057 3762 or Email us


Sylvia Anderson - the SA in SA First Aid Training

Sylvia Anderson

Sylvia Anderson is the company founder and senior instructor.

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